About Us

About RamadanShop.com

We are a small, family run business based out of the UAE. When we say small business, we mean it - we appreciate your support and patience as we launch our products for the first time. 

We love celebrating the holy month of Ramadan - it's a moment we share as family and with our friends. Our hope is to create products that will be part of your celebration too.  

With Ramadan Shop, we strive to share our Ramadan cheer with other Muslims during this month of fasting. Our designs are fun and meant to encourage others. We've handpicked and tested every item, it's important for us to only sell things that we love too. We've tried to incorporate traditional elements with modern touches. Although you've probably never had someone wish you a "Merry Ramadan", we hope it fills your heart as much as hearing Ramadan Kareem. 

We also want to make products for non-Muslims who are supportive of their friends and families. We've been blessed to live in many countries around the world and are always happy to share our Ramadan traditions with people who've never experienced it. 

From our family to you - Ramadan Kareem!